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Welcome to KCB Coaching.  I'm so glad we found each other!

If you are on this page, searching for a life and wellness coach, you are likely in a place I have been before. Depleted, defeated, frustrated, uninspired, anxious. You've been playing it safe and pretending. You feel disconnected. Imposter syndrome has you by the throat. Old habits and stories keep you from creating a life aligned with your true self.   


But if you are here, you are also ready! Ready to change the narrative and live a balanced life; filled with passion, curiosity, creativity, resilience, purpose, vulnerability, and truth. You are ready to take a leap of faith and trust yourself.


I am ready too. Ready to walk beside you as you create a balanced and beautiful life.


Whether you're struggling with work, health, parenting, relationships, or confidence, coaching helps you tap into your inner wisdom through empowered and intentional conversation to rewire your thought patterns, change habits and create steps to live unapologetically in your truth. Coaching helps you learn when to dig deep and when to rest and how to celebrate your strengths and love your weaknesses. Coaching also helps fortify our resilience to weather the inevitable storms that come and go throughout our lives. The coaching process gives you space to discover what I hold true: you are your own best expert, whole, resourceful, and powerful.  


Let's co-create transformation and true insight by taking a peek, looking around, diving in, and digging deep.  


While the website is under construction, please call (530) 320-8051 or email karen@kcbcoaching.com to schedule a free 1/2 hour discovery call and more details on packages and pricing. Personal training packages are also available if moving your body is part of your coaching goal.


I can't wait to hear from you.


Big Love- 

Karen Caton-Brunings

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