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About Me

 I have been there: overwhelmed, uninspired, depleted, and lonely. Don't get me wrong. I looked like I had my shit together, but under my smile, I was crumbling. I played it safe and pretended. I was fragmented and disconnected. Imposter syndrome had me in a chokehold. Old habits and old stories kept me from being the fitness professional, entrepreneur, partner, friend, athlete, mother, and woman I wanted to be.


Holy shit. I hit rock bottom. Divorce, gripping anxiety, fear, no confidence, depression, total lack of balance in my personal and professional lives, I turned to a life coach who helped set my compass North. I started taking responsibility for myself, my self-talk, and my messy, magical life. I stoked the embers of hope until they turned into a warm fire. The experience changed the trajectory of my life. It inspired me to become a life coach and a master at creating space for empowered and intentional conversation, insight, habit change, and radical self-awareness, making a balanced, beautiful, kick-ass life inevitable. For the past 10 years, I have been on a mission to help people go from holy shit to hell yeah by integrating all parts of themselves. I use truth-telling, movement, creativity, and laughter to wake people up, taking them from a life in black and white to technicolor awesomeness. 


Let's slow down together and replace people-pleasing, perfectionism, controlling, comparing, distracting, and self-deprecation with courage, curiosity, boundaries, bravery, authenticity, and truth. Want to look at yourself through a kaleidoscope instead of a microscope? Want to be resilient instead of avoiding? Want to write that book, start a business, love your body, or show up whole in your relationships? Then join me as we rediscover just how amazing you are right now. No fixing is required. Part cheerleader, part truth bomber, I will support you while you challenge your old stories and find your voice and power so you can live your best damn life. Self-discovery is the adventure of a lifetime. You'll laugh, cry, wonder, and create. So will I. 


My clients are diverse, but they have one thing in common. They're willing, badass individuals, ready to dig deep, evolve, transform their lives and live unapologetically in their truth. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to get curious and uncover the magic already inside you. Why? So you can feel at home in your heart and make some good shit happen.


I can't wait to meet you.


  • Professional Human Being

  • Mom to Zoe (20) and Jorja (18)

  • Founder of KCB Fitness and Coaching

  • Co-Founder of Kaanect Coaching

  • Health Coach Institute Certified Life Coach

  • Health Coach Institute Certified Health Coach

  • ISSA Elite Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy

  • ISSA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • TRX Qualified Instructor

  • BS Recreation and Leisure Studies San Jose State University


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