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What is coaching?

  • Coaching is an empowered and cooperative partnership 

  • Coaching is solution-oriented

  • Coaching helps gain clarity in purpose to create and achieve goals in all areas of life

  • Coaching ignites passion by breaking down limiting beliefs

  • Coaching inspires clients to become their own best expert

  • Coaching helps prepare for change and transition with insight and confidence

  • Coaching is about building strengths and honoring weaknesses

  • Coaching opens up unlimited possibilities through insightful and intentional conversation 

  • Coaching gives clients space to wonder, understand and decide

  • Coaching puts clients in charge of results

  • Coaching empowers clients to create action steps aligned with purpose and truth

  • Coaches are objective and will offer unbiased thoughts about how to move toward accomplishing your goals as well as work with you to identify and resolve inner blocks so that you can eventually coach yourself

What coaching isn't?

  • Coaching is not therapy 

  • Coaching is not problem focused

  • Coaching isn't focused on the past 

  • Coaching is not a medical intervention for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

  • Coaching is not consulting.  Coaches do not give advice.

  • Coaching is not mentoring

My Coaching Mission

Through the empowered and intentional conversation of life coaching or individually created workouts, I help individuals go from holy shit to hell yeah in wellness, fitness and life.  Truth bomber, drill sergeant, and cheerleader, I use creativity, laughter, truth-telling and movement to help people create insight, find their voice and live an authentically beautiful life. 


Take a Peek

Blue Eye on Grey Background

You have an idea of what you want in your wellness, career, relationship, fitness, and life but would like to get some direction, support, and strategies to get moving. This single session gives you the space to get curious and explore possibilities. You don't need to dig too deep to find what you're missing; you just need to take a peek to get some clarity. Sometimes one empowered, and intentional conversation can help you create a life that sets your soul on fire.


  • 1 Hour Session via Zoom, Skype, or phone

  • Designed to motivate, inspire and provide insight and clarity 

  • Post-session email and action steps to keep you motivated to prioritize your goals

  • Investment: $120

Look Around

Happy Hiking

Occasionally we lose things that are important to us: our direction, our confidence, our vision, our voice. This four-session package is designed to give you the space to look around for those precious things. Each session helps you create clarity and intention that aligns with your passion, truth, and light. We curiously walk through the thought-provoking process of self-awareness to question old stories and habits holding you back from having your best life.


  • Four 1 Hour Weekly Sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone

  • Designed to motivate, inspire and provide insight and clarity 

  • Post-session emails with session notes and action steps to keep you moving forward

  • Investment: $480

Dive In


Do you feel like you’re standing on the edge of the high dive of life, and you’re afraid to leave the safety of the platform? You climbed the ladder, walked to the edge, and just couldn’t seem to dive in. This 8 session package is designed to help you define precisely what you want in your career, health, relationship so that you can confidently take a leap of faith. We’ll dive in together and uncover what lights you up and what internal chatter keeps you firmly atop the diving board. Vision, self-esteem, self prioritization, self-image, and goals are the foundations of this package. Together, we’ll look inside, ignite a fire, and rediscover your awesomeness to develop the confidence to march toward an inspired vision.


  • Eight 1 hour weekly sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone

  • Post-session emails with session notes and action steps to keep you moving forward

  • Weekly 15 minute check-ins as needed

  • Investment: $880

Dig Deep

Gardening Tools

Are you ready to go all-in and take powerful action to rediscover your awesomeness? Let’s pick up the shovels and dig deep. This 12 session coaching program is an empowered partnership designed to help you connect with your inner truth and wisdom. It’s mindset training that sees you as already a whole, powerful, and resourceful. The process is designed to help you discover, clarify, and achieve your goals in business, creativity, relationships, wellness, and life. We work together to dig up old stories and limiting beliefs that have held you back from achieving what you are intended to create. This coaching program is designed to help you uncover who you really are and create balance and purpose in your life. You’ll curiously question old beliefs, rewire negative thought patterns, celebrate your unique gifts and learn to authentically move through your life with grace, even when it gets tricky. Self-esteem, self prioritization, self-image, and goals are the foundations of this package. This 12 session package includes:


  • Twelve weekly 1 hour sessions

  • Post-session emails with session notes and action steps to keep you moving forward

  • Powerful and meaningful exercise that create transformation

  • Weekly 15-minute phone/text check-ins or email support throughout the week

  • Investment: $ 1260

1:1 In-Home/Outdoor Fitness Training and Coaching

Strong Woman

Personal training is just that. It's personal, individual, and designed specifically with your goals in mind. Whether you want more strength, flexibility, balance, or accountability, 1:1 one training sessions can help you view your body as an ally, not an enemy, in creating a badass life. Fitness training can help you get out of your head and into your body to connect with your individual strength in your fitness and life. KCB Coaching offers 1:1 training packages to fit your goals. As your trainer, bring the necessary equipment, training plan, and encouragement required for comprehensive and powerful workouts. You simply bring mind, body, and soul. We will lasso your strength and bring it home. Social distancing, mask, and cleaning/sanitizing protocols are in effect for your safety and protection. 

  • Modalities Used: TRX, BOSU, Kettlebell, free weights, bands, ball, mats, yoga blocks, jump ropes, cardiovascular, coordination, circuit training, manual stretching.

  • Where: The comfort of your home or outdoor location of choice

  • Session Length: 60 minutes

  • Single Session Investment: $125

  • 10 Session Package: $1000

  • 20 Session Package: $1800

  • Please schedule a discovery session to create a plan to fit your individual needs.

What do you do now?

You like what you see, so what comes next?


Take another look

Re-read the offering descriptions.  

Re-read my bio.

Pause. Take a deep breath and

ask yourself if you are really ready to question your thinking, challenge your old stories, and take a step toward your badass life.


Then re-read the descriptions again. 

Say Hell Yeah!

Still like what you see? 

Does reading the offerings make your heart race, give you butteries, and scare you a just a little?



Then say Hell Yeah!

Now Book a free discovery call

Let's chat!  Let's connect and see how it feels to work together!  Coaching is personal and finding a good fit is imperative. Let's use this time to see if we have the right synergy to make cool things happen.  If not, I will help you find the right one.

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