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From the outside, I had it all. A beautiful family, stable and rewarding career, friends, and fitness. On the inside, I was crumbling. Feelings of need and want compelled me to make destructive decisions, and I justified them with those same feelings and needs, creating a cycle of disappointment and sadness. I was lost. I read books, talked with friends, attended traditional therapy sessions, but nothing helped me break free from the bars of my own thinking, like my work with Karen. With compassion and grace, Karen held up a mirror for me to see in me what I could not see in myself. Her poignant questioning guided me to my inner wisdom and strength at has transformed how I work, love, and live.


  • Steph B. 


Lake Tahoe, CA

Image by Fadi Xd

I am so grateful that I found Karen. Her coaching has helped me create self-awareness and insight that has changed my thinking and habits. Coaching with Karen has helped me learn to manage my stress and anxiety in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible. I move forward to accomplish my goals with confidence and passion. I leave every session with insight, tools, and excitement.


  • Kim O. 

Small Business Owner

Truckee, CA


I was the worst critic of myself and Karen helped transform my thoughts to the point that I no longer want to be someone or something that I am not. Karen helped me see the strength, power, and beauty in who I am. Karen helped me uncover authentic goals and my big motivating factors. With Karen, I learned to acknowledge and celebrate my successes, big and small. This transformed how I move through the world. I acknowledge and appreciate myself and others so much more. If you need motivation, support, and a kind heart to help you achieve personal and professional goals, Karen is a terrific partner. The sound of her voice will perk you up instantly! Thank you, Karen!


  • Laurine O.

Nurse and Fitness Instructor

Miami, Florida

Hands in heart

She has a unique way of shedding light onto situations with a balance of curiosity and discovery that awakened my perspective and view on life. 


  • Jessica L.

Educator, Mother, and Athlete

Lake Tahoe, CA

Spread Love Poster 4

A truly transformative experience and adventure in self reflection.  The space that Karen created helped me understand how pain avoidance and fear were getting in the way of be living my very best life.


  • Cedric E.

Austin, TX  

Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

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  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

I was so stuck and at a very vulnerable stage in my life.  Weight gain and depression consumed me. From the first session, I knew things would be different.  She met me where I was at, but stretched me to set a goal (which I run a 10k in 8 months).  Training with Karen inspired me to celebrate the small victories and cherish what I could do along the way. Far more than fitness training, Karen used movement to help me uncover my inner strength and let go of the old stories that were keeping me down.  I found happiness again.  Karen believed in me and she held vision of what I was physically and emotionally capable of when I could not.  When I started, I couldn't run a mile.  I have now ran 4 half marathons, 200+ mile relay race, multiple 10k.  I ran my last half only 9 weeks after my second baby was born.  Karen lit a fire under me...and I am running with it!  Inspiration, vision, strength and courage... you will find it with Karen and KCB Coaching.

  • Ashlie T.

Mother and Athlete

Truckee, CA

Karen meets you where you're at but helps you find the drive and inspiration to climb your own mountain.  Training with Karen helped me find my untapped strength and belief in myself that I have never had before.  

  • Joan K.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Purple Flower Field
Rope Climbing

As an athlete and the survivor of open heart surgery, I didn't know if I could ever regain the strength or confidence that I had before.  Working with Karen changed my belief in my body and my life.

  • M.S.

Roseville, CA

KCB Coaching is amazing.  I've been working with Karen for several years now.  Her fitness knowledge, skills, and creativity are phenomenal, but her inspiration, attitude and energy make working out so much fun.  Karen has made me a stronger person on the inside and out.  KCB is the best medicine I have ever found.  


David B.

  • Truckee, CA 

Athletic Man
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